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The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD

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The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD

Gerrit Verstraete, founder, Drawing Society of Canada.

“This course is an excellent hands-on detailed walk through the process of drawing the human figure based on a systematic structure of anatomical study, and a solid foundation for serious figure drawing”

Riven Phoenix offers the serious artist a user-friendly and relaxed but very detailed journey through the anatomical structure of the human figure. Using a reductional and mathematical system of building the human form one bone and one muscle at a time, the instruction is very detailed and creates a solid foundation of artistic rules by which original creations can be drawn from memory. From basic skeletal construction to advanced concepts this course is a great companion to figure drawing from life. Even though this course is not a substitute for drawing the human form through observation from life such as the clothed or nude model, it is nevertheless a must for those who are serious about figure drawing. Classical study of the human figure is an artistic discipline that demands both a systematic study of anatomy and the experience of line and form through observation from life.
- Gerrit Verstraete, founder, Drawing Society of Canada.

Gerrit Verstraete is the founder of the Drawing Society of Canada and principal artist in Masterpeace Fine Art Studio. He is an honors graduate and associate of the Ontario College of Art & Design and a respected drawing master. He has been drawing in the classical tradition for over forty years.

www.gverstraete.com Contact info: gerritverstraete @ hotmail.com

www.drawingsociety.com Contact info: drawingsocietyofcanada @ shaw.ca

Diane Kraus

My name is Diane Kraus and I'm a freelance artist in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I've been seriously drawing and painting for about the last 15 years. I love figure drawing and portraiture. I have struggled for years to learn how to do exactly what your courses teach.

I just finished the first 54 hours of The Structure of Man yesterday. I am in awe of how well the Lessons taught me the invention of the figure, and how deeply seated that information now is in my mind. I'm going to take a few days to let it settle and practice some figures with all the muscles before I move on to the next course, but for the first time in my life I'm able to draw a decent realistic human figure from my imagination without looking at any sort of reference.

Thank you, thank you, so much for that.

Like a lot of artists writing testimonials for your courses, I've spent thousands of dollars on figure drawing classes. I got very good at copying, but not so much at understanding. You finally explained the human figure to me in all its parts, in a way that I could put it back together and make a whole. I feel so liberated. Again, thank you.

I've written a blog post about my experiences with your course, urging other artists to try it out and to BUY it. The cost is nothing compared to what I've spent before, and for so much more knowledge and insight. If you'd like to read it over, and see some of my coursework drawings and some before and after drawings, it's posted at my website at http://dekraus.com/?p=173 . You can see for yourself how your teaching affected my drawing, even with my nice "copied from reference" drawings in the background.

I'm looking forward to continuing through all your courses, so I hope your website is not going anywhere soon! I've so appreciated the simple, straightforward approach, and your dedication and deep understanding of the artistic process and the subtle aspects of figure drawing. It's made more sense to me than years of classes with other teachers, so I thank you so much for sharing it with so many online.

I really can't thank you enough. =)

Many blessings to you and yours,

Diane Kraus

Shirow Di Rosso

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing courses. They were a beacon during a dark time in my life and they gave me the knowledge and courage to go for my dream. I was an I.T. engineer for 14 years at HP and was very unhappy at my job. As a very creative person I kept dreaming of my own comicbook at each moment of the day. Then one day I couldn't take it anymore and crashed completely. I didn't know what to do with my life and then I stumbled upon your site and gave it a try. Everything went remarkably well and decided to buy the entire anatomy course. It took me a few months to complete it. I quit my job and focused on drawing using your system in comination with other digital painting courses. After a few months a gaming company stumbled across my portfolio and asked for a few commisions. In 2013 I decided to take the risk and become a freelance illustrator. First it didn't go that well but then I was asked to illustrate a children's book called "The Cynja" and things picked up from there. I'm about to start working on my third installment of that book and it is gaining in popularity. I still dream on working on my own stories but at the moment I'm happy drawing The Cynja. I know there is still much room for improvement and I'm willing and able to learn every day. Today I finished the anatomy course for a second time and I'm glad I did. What an improvement over the first time I did it. At the end of the very last lesson you said that you created the course not knowing if it would make any difference in anyone's life. Well, you changed my life and showed me that it is possible to draw without any previous art background. I'm 41 years old now and so much has happened the last 2 years mostly thanks to your teachings. Sorry for the long mail, but I thought you might like to know you touched someone's life and changed it for the better. Kind regards

-Shirow Di Rosso

Jimmy S

The training included on 'The Famous Figure Drawing Course HD' is nothing short of remarkable. I am not even halfway through this (stunningly) comprehensive series of anatomy drawing videos, and I would urge anyone with the slightest interest in fine art to invest in this training without hesitation. Taking the viewer from the basic formulas of human proportion to the creation of advanced skeletal and muscle structures (and beyond), Mr. Phoenix has been truly generous with his time and talent, creating a product that will surely stand the test of time as one of the foremost instructional resources on the topic of human anatomy illustration. In addition to his astounding artistic skill, Phoenix is also a fine educator, and I have already recommended this set to several friends and colleagues (all of whom agree that “The Structure of Man” has been of greater educational value than all of the drawing classes they took in college put together). What’s more, the teaching style that Phoenix employs can bring anyone with the proper motivation (with or without prior fine art experience) the knowledge required to fully realize the intricate concept of human invention - so much so that the formulas become as easy to recall as the language we speak every day. With Lessons learned from this set, one will have the freedom and confidence to later infuse their own artistic sensibilities into the creation of the human form – and from any imaginable perspective and pose. “The Structure of Man” is a treasured collection in my multimedia-training library, and I look forward to any future projects that Mr. Phoenix has planned for the future. Thank you Riven.

-Jimmy S.
Multimedia Producer/Visual Effects Artist

William Wolford

I am through Lesson 92 on the Structure of Man Course. I have finished the skeleton and working on finishing up the muscles on the head.I just wanted to say thanks for making these courses available to everyone. I have taken anatomy classes at an art school and have been studying on my own before I purchased your courses. Both the art classes I took in anatomy/figure drawing and anatomy books have not come close to all the information you provide or the easiness to follow along and understand what is being taught. I noticed that my drawing skills have increased so rapidly in such a short of amount of time; both in amount of days I been drawing and the amount of hours in each day I that draw. Before using your Structure of Man Course I was drawing 5 or more hours a day for 2 or more weeks and would see only very small improvements in my drawing ability only after putting in that many hours (The old artist saying, if you want to get better at drawing you need to spend a lot of time drawing). Now I am able to see improvements in my drawing ability in a lot less time than before. You have provided me with so much hope, inspiration, and enjoyment with drawing again. I was really getting frustrated with having gone to art school and than being told by comic book artist that I need to work on my anatomy. It's like I paid the school just too sit in there seats and draw.I will definitely write you again after I am finished with the muscles section and let you know how much I have improved and I will be thanking you again for all that you have done.Thanks for giving me hope again.

William Wolford

Bill Barto

I recently purchased your course set and I just had to write to tell you what I think. I've BARELY gotten into the first Lessons at this point but I had to say that this is BRILLIANT to say the least. I am amazed that so much can be grasped conceptually from the beginning that can be put to immediate use and I know once I get these concepts down I can progress rapidly. GREAT concepts and approaches make for great results.

I am further amazed at the COST of these Lessons - so much information at such an incredibly good price. These are a valuable set of Lessons and tools for learning an interesting approach with so much solid information that any artist can benefit from the techniques shown. So just wanted to send you a note of thanks and that I'm glad I made this purchase. And I don't say that about too much of what I buy. THIS was a value beyond its price and will serve me well for what years I've got left. HOPEFULLY I can get some drawing done and put the information to its best use. And I HOPE others see the value as well.

Thank you again for a GREAT course set that are nicely done and very inspiring.

Bill Barto

Ramona West

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and send you immense amounts of love for the gift that you have given with the "learn to draw the human figure from your mind" training course. i just completed the course and have grown leaps and bounds through your guidance. your artistic talent coupled with the methodical break down of the figure was brilliant. and the fact that your spirit shined through so pure and beautiful really made me look forward to the next Lesson. thank you for putting all of that time and energy into this project and offering it at such an affordable rate so that anyone could benefit. you are a true gem.

Ramona West

Paul "Matocikala" Lee

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to create these Lessons. The structure of man learning to draw the human figure from your mind has really helped me. I thought I would never be able to draw anything but crude doodles and now I am starting to increase my skills. I have a long way to go yet but the skills I have achieved thus far to me is amazing. If anyone ever tells me that they would love to learn how to draw I would not hesitate to direct them to your site. The price for these Lessons are so well worth it. Affordable plus highly instructive. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Paul "Matocikala" Lee


I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for your contribution through these videos. I have been trying for years to understand the principals behind sketching, I had found that bringing pen to paper was as frightening to me as jumping from an airplane. I had begun to do 3D graphics work as I had found that to be an easier medium to create with. After toiling with trying to create these images I found myself constantly wishing I had a concept artist to make my job easier. Eventually I came to the realization that I would need to do these sketches myself. So I began my search looking for material on how to draw, I found books too impersonal and lacking in the ability to truly express the concepts behind the "how to". After watching only your first two videos I found myself grinning and thinking to myself "This is just too simple, why didn't I see it?".

I caught myself during the second video placing my hand down next to my hip just to see how your dots lined up. I laughed as I noticed your wrist dot lined up right along where it did on my own body. The concepts you present in your videos and the method you approach on how to learn are absolutely astounding. I am one of those analytical type people, I spend more time seeing things in black and white or better put; too left brained. When you started your sketches out with a simple line with 8 dots it turned on a light, I could see how simple it was and how someone like myself could use structure to let creativity flow. Again thank you for such a wonderful donation to those who aspire to be an artist.

-Joseph -Nailo- Rick
Lead Graphics Designer

Georgia Salmon

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am over the courses in The Structure of Man. I have tried to take Figure Drawing for many years and was never able to pull it together for a number of reasons. I am only on Lesson 64 and a drawing that would have taken me hours to "get right" I can "rattle off" in just minutes. I can't wait to get through the rest. I am losing sleep; I am so excited; it is hard to stop working with the videos. I have envelopes full of photos I have been saving, hoping to use as subjects for my art work. I can't wait to get to work on them now that I know I can draw the figures.

-Georgia Salmon
Emerging Artist & Wanna-Be Children's Book Illustrator


Im currently on the structure of the human head and let me say this course collection is priceless to me, I've tried learning from countless books but there always seemed to be vital information missing to help me along. Im already understanding things I always wanted to grasp but never could from books, the visual help and indepth teaching by Mr phoenix is fantastic its like having a personal tutor in your home. Thanks very much for your time and patience with this collection Mr phoenix I cant thank you enough.

- Darren, Nicholas, Adam, Tilson
Sheffiled, England
Sales Advisor/Artist

Matthew Hoare

“I’ve always wanted to get to a level where I can draw anything I want from my mind.” – Riven Phoenix (Lesson 1). When I heard this statement, it was something that I connected with right away. These Lessons are done with such a unique approach to thinking and drawing the human figure, that calling it a “human invention” is a perfect description. The Lessons start off very basic, but compliment one another nicely while flowing seamlessly together. I have so far completed 51 Lessons and have seen a tremendous difference in the speed, quality and proportion of my human figure drawings. I have progressed and accomplished so much in such a short period of time without ever taking a life drawing class. Thank you Riven, these Lessons are diamonds!

-Matthew Hoare

Lukas Grochowski

I'm speechless, Im amazed of how fast and good Ive become in drawing in such a short period of time, its almost scary how the mind works and what it can do, just as you say in your videos, its amazing! Truly incredible. Ive just finished the structure of man and the gesture videos. I feel like ive been born into this new and fantastic world where I have very little trouble of placing my thoughts onto paper, truly feels amazing and I have so much stuff I want to draw and I will draw each and everyday. Make several different poses everyday and never stop, as I have til this day with you videos.

Thank you once more again.

-Lukas Grochowski

Christov Badenhorst

This course set, has likely been one of the best investments I have made in a long time, the information, and instructions contained within are simply remarkable. If followed, these instructions helps you to comprehend the massive amount of information required when dealing with the human body from an artistic point of view. As for Riven Phoenix, I applaud his skill as an artist and a teacher. I would urge anyone with an artistic interest in drawing the human figure, to acquaint themselves with the teachings contained within this course set.

Thanks again

- Christov Badenhorst
South Africa
3D Cad and IT professional.

Niels Heijenbrock

I am very greatful for your efforts to open up the realm of human anatomy and drawing the human figure or any humanoid from the mind. Your method makes it possible for me to learn and conquer this realm of knowledge in a realistic time span. I have only just begun the journey of your Lessons and am determined to learn them very thoroughly. My dream is to be able to design fantasy game characters. This course helps me to reach that goal. I am convinced of the fact that when I invest time and effort in learning the knowledge and skills of this course, the artistic gain can be phenomenal.


- Niels Heijenbrock.
Game animation student.

Bryan Bray

I have to say, I have spent hundreds on "how-to" books on learning anatomy and drawing the human form. However, the money I spent buying your set of courses has proven priceless. I learned more useable knowledge in the first 7 Lessons than all the other books combined. What I love most about your teaching technique is your ability to show the foundation then lead us to the real world application. Not just theory and anatomical information that is not helping reach our goal -- our goal of drawing the human form from complete scratch in any pose. Without any reference whatsoever. Thank Mr. Phoenix for all the time and effort you generously shared to help us reach our goal. As an artist I am gaining confidence I never thought possible. Thanks again.

-Bryan Bray
Management is my day job. Web Design and Graphic Design is my love.

Ian Beaubien

There's nothing more than a step by step learning for the human anatomy, these Lessons provide an amazing way to learn that the books can't do. I've done a lot of model drawing in class, but this learning is an essentiel tool to master the human anatomy. In these Lessons, You don't just learn where the muscles are, You learn how to shade your drawing, You learn how to have a good line and You learn an artistic way to think. Da vinci could have corpse to master the anatomy, and for us, there's nothing more than The structure of man's hd.

-Ian Beaubien

Pawel Podgorski

I am a graphic / web designer but I've always enjoyed drawing and studying anatomy. I had purchased a bunch of books on the topic, by authors such as Burne Hogarth, Joseph Sheppard, Chris Hart etc.. I also have the instructional videos by Glenn Vilppu but I have to say your stuff replaces everything that I own, honestly! And I'm not exagerating. Initially I've purchased 4 of your courses. But then the other 2 came out, Advanced Head Study and Advanced Concepts, so I had to get them as well. You had taken on a big project, but with your patience and perseverance you had completed a great instructional series. I'm in a process of going through the first 4 courses, and man do I have a great time watching and learning. Your methods of visualizing and explaining the concepts are so easy to follow and comprehend, absolutely brilliant. I am already looking forward to the next courses. I would like to thank you again and I highly recommend your product to everyone who is interested in studying the human figure and art in general.

-Pawel Podgorski - Graphic / Web Designer

Jonathan Tran

Before The Structure of Man HD, I struggled with the human figure. Drawing the human figure was quite foreign to me, as I depended heavily on references, but didn't understand exactly what I was seeing. My figures looked flat, disproportionate and often very skewed. I depended on various books about drawing to help me grasp it, but I still couldn't quite understand how to draw the human figure. After I had purchased these Lessons, I learned much more than what I could learn in a book. Actually seeing an artist put down the lines and explaining how they did it is infinitely more beneficial than reading a book (not that reading drawing books don't serve their purposes) Already from Lesson 1, I could begin to understand the correct proportions of the human figure, as Mr. Phoenix demonstrates the invention of the human figure. And it is this invention that Mr. Phoenix focuses on, which helps me perceive the mechanical and structural aspects of each part of the figure. In these courses, Riven Phoenix will walk you through each and every part of the human body. From the bone structure to the muscle structure, and finally through the mastery of figure drawing and developing gesture, each video offers step by step instruction and explains how each part contributes to the whole (for example, which facial muscles affect our every day expressions). I can finally understand the underlying muscle and bone structure in figures, and hope to apply them in my designs and upcoming comic that I plan to write and draw one day.

To sum it up, you will learn how to draw the human figure correctly and efficiently if you watch these videos. They are available at a very low and affordable price and contain within them everything you need to know to develop your figure drawing skills.

Jonathan Tran, Student.

Per Eriksson

I purchased your Lessons a couple of weeks ago, I have only gotten through the first disc, but so far I am most impressed! I have always been drawing and this has led to a job interview at a video game company as graphic designer. I really want to make a good impression at the interview and your Lessons have taught me a lot. If I get the job (and I think I might) it will likely be because of what you taught me.

I strongly recommend this course for anyone interested. The Lessons give great understanding of the human body in a easy-to-understand way.

- Per Eriksson - Sweden

Jean-Philippe Rivard

The Structure of Man has been of great help with my understanding of Human Anatomy, but even a greater help for just observing my environment in basic shapes and structures in order to put it down on paper. It proposes fresh ideas, detailed step by step that won't let down anyone taking the challenge. I even think anyone who would like to give it a try, even if they never made a single doodle in the past, could easily understand and work with these videos. Don't hesitate to try this fascinating experience, you have nothing to lose and everything to win!

- Jean-Philippe Rivard
Gameloft World E-Commerce Project Manager

Jeff LaMarche

Some things are difficult to learn from books, and understanding -- truly understanding -- the human figure in three dimension is one of those things. Personally, I've struggled for years unsuccessfully to attain a modest level of competency in drawing the human figure, and there has always been a missing link in the equation for me, some barrier that prevented me from really grokking the human form in three dimensions. Working through these videos has allowed me to make huge strides in my ability to visualize the body in three dimensions. Anybody who struggles with understanding and representing the human form who hasn't worked through these videos is missing out on a huge opportunity for improvement.

-Jeff LaMarche

Chris Woods

I first heard about Riven Phoenix from a good freind at work. I was immediately impressed at not only the extremely high quality of Riven's artwork but also by the inventive and unusual methods that are explored throughout the videos. This guy can draw! This guy knows his anatomy! This guy is a great inspiration and once again I say thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. ( More artists should follow this brilliant example). I heartily recommend Rivens structure of man collection. I has helped me and my drawing already and I have only watched a couple of the discs.

- Chris Woods, 3D Artist - Rare Ltd (11+years)

Gavin Banns

I initially came across The Structure of Man through YouTube. It took a few minutes before I could appreciate the scale of what Riven Phoenix had achieved, and the in-depth experience that was being shared. In the past I had spent a few hundred of our British pounds, looking for the ultimate art book; something beyond the mere copyist approach, and the closest I ever achieved was in the somewhat antiquated art guides of Andrew Loomis (not always easy or cheap to obtain).

As a self-taught artist, Riven’s Lessons are a god-send. To date I haven’t found a resource quite like it. The explanations are thorough and each Lesson builds upon the preceding one in a logical manner that makes it easy to follow. If you want to go beyond a copyist approach, and create a foundation in which you can draw figures freely from the imagination, then these are the courses to buy.

-Gavin Banns
Graphic Designer/Photographer/Artist

Andrew Johnson

Thank you for teaching me how to draw the skeleton from mind, i have never been able to even draw the Humerus, nevermind everything. I am currently on Lesson 65, and struggling. Not because it is hard to take in, but because the drawing style you showed, I never did before. I used to just draw like I was writing. Will take sometime to get used to.

Mike Liu

I think your videos are simply amazing. I'm currently a student of seneca@york's animation program, we have been studying human anatomy in our life drawing class and I had soo much truble with them. Your videos help me out a big time, the amount of detail that you teach within the courses are simply gold, it is much more effective than learning from books or the few hours of life drawing class we have each week. Thank you for all the hard work. Hope there will be more chance learning from you in the future.

Mike Liu
seneca@york's animation student

Donald Lewis

I've been trying to improve my knowledge of the human Being for years now, buying books after books, after books....and even tho I did learn from some of them...nothing beats The Structure Of Man HD....after viewing just some of his Lessons, my drawings and understanding of the human Form has increased greatly....and I realize now that the problem books is, all you see is the finished product....you don't get to see how they got there...I mean they try, but there's nothing like seeing from start to finish how it gets there, and w/ riven Phoenix courses, everything gets broken down....he takes you step by step in the process, giving you tips and tricks freely....showing you and your brain a different, more efficient way of learning how to draw the human figure from your mind....and what I like most about them is Riven seems to really, truly enjoy what he's doing, he never rushes, and encourages you to always draw what you learned from the previous Lesson into what you're learning now....which keeps the Lessons you learned before fresh in your mind at all times......I think anyone truly wanting to learn how to draw the humanFigure ( beginner or expert ) should get these courses....it's aweSome!!!

-Donald Lewis
FreeLance 3D artist

Eric Lacroix

I started watching the videos from the very beginning and I couldn’t wait for the next one to come out. After each video my drawing abilities and confidence would increase immensely. Your videos taught me to draw the human form in great detail. During the process I could always count on you for feedback on my work. Your style of teaching was easy to follow and it helped me to become more creative with my work.

I suggest these videos to anybody who wants to draw the human figure. I have been able to take the valuable Lessons from these videos and apply it to my current work. It was truly a pleasure to learn from someone so enthusiastic and eager to teach and help.

- Eric Lacroix
Computer Animation Student /Sheridan College/Burlington, Canada

Carl Loar

Let me say what an incredible package you have put together. I was excited about getting started when I ordered,I was floored. I can't say enough about what a deal this is. For 34 years I have been a Dental Lab Technician so I daily use artistic talents. Ever since I was a child I always enjoyed art. Sketching, painting, air brush, etc have been part of me and has been a love of mine for relaxing and entertainment. Years ago, I had some illustrations published in the Dental Journals but never pursued it as a career. I enjoy doing portraits and scenes with people but I've always had trouble getting the portions correct when drawing the human figure. I have to tell you that your course has improved that part of me 300%. And my speed has increased considerably. Your technique does just what you said it would. The formulas along with the skeletal and muscular progression just puts everything into place correctly. Thank you for sharing this knowledge so others may learn and enjoy.

- Carl Loar

Nigel M

The structure of man HD are by far the best there is to offer. Other courses can cost upwards of $40 for a few hours of a teacher drawing a single piece of their own art (which is terrible for students as it just gets them thinking in symbolism even more!), where in most cases while they are great artists, they are not great teachers. Riven Phoenix excels at giving clear easy to understand instructions and has the experience to know when to slow to down and which sections students may having trouble grasping.

With other books and guides I have bought there is nothing more frustrating to me than when the teacher says “Just make a line kind of on this angle”. Ok, that’s all well and good, but why that angle? What if mines a little curved? Should it curve at all? Suddenly recreating that line is a case of drawing THAT line, not the curve of, say, the chest cavity that it should represent. There’s an important difference. It’s like telling a student "Just add 1 and 1 together" without knowing any of the formulas behind it. I might even be told the answer is 2, but if I have no idea what the formulas for addition are to arrive at that answer, am I really learning anything at all? This is the greatest strength of the method that Riven teaches, in that he shows the formulas behind the human figure, not just the final solution. The nose cavity on the skull is not just "draw a mark here on the skull, but don't go down to far, around about to here will do" that other guides sometimes say, Riven will say "divide half down to the chin, half up again and half down". Now you have the *formula* for the length of the nose. Now you actually understand how you got to that answer and can use the toolbox you are building in your mind to not just draw that line each time you need it, but to create it.

Anyone who has any interest in drawing owes it to themselves to get these courses. Of course now that I’m trying to get into the Illustration industry, these courses may make the competition TOO good...so on second thought...don’t buy these courses’s… >_>

- Nigel M.
Now deferred IT university student, studying full time at home to get into the Illustration industry.

Michael Bradford

I am planning to commence a Masters degree in Visual Arts at my local university (Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) soon, focusing on 3D animation. I realized that to make the characters in my visual production convincing and lifelike I would have to go right back to basics and learn to draw realistically. I am okay with drawing landscape - I just have to put in a lot of practice to refine my skills in that area. But it is with character/figure drawing that I have trouble and have never effectively developed my figure drawing skills. So when I came across your "Structure of Man" movies via the March-June issues of Imagine FX magazine, of which I am an avid reader, and watched the free samples on your blog site and on the Imagine FX DVDs, I was thrilled. It was like having my own personal figure drawing tutor! So I didn't hesitate to order the full set of your courses. I've only just begun working through the Lessons but already they have been an enormous help to my understanding of drawing the human form. Thank you so much for these invaluable Lessons and for your generosity in providing such an extensive and complete set of Lessons at such low cost.

Michael Bradford


I just had to thank you for all of your effort and sincerity in putting together your course set. I spent my summer break going through nearly all of the material, and it is without a doubt the best investment of time I ever made as far as drawing goes. It's always been my favorite hobby, and your Lessons enabled me to break free from struggling with flat, massless figures and really start to, as you succinctly put, "draw with bliss". After months of practicing and going further my drawing has improved remarkably fast, and I have no problems anymore drawing the figure in tons of poses from my mind. What I found the most amusing and interesting is that, being a Nursing student, I have had to take classes in Anatomy and Physiology, but after my exams most of the muscle and bone names and locations/actions jut sort of fell out of my head... But after learning anatomy by drawing it so much in this way, it is now completely second nature, and all of the long names I had to learn now automatically associate with ease to the actual structure. I think it really shows just how much we can learn by doing so in such a logical way... putting ideas together from the inside out as inventions instead of pure rote memorization At any rate, I had to thank you furthermore to just the (astoundingly cheap) price of these great Lessons. Thank You!

Nurse Student

Greg Becker

My name Is Greg Becker and I want to thank you for the courses. I am on Lesson 68 and I can't believe how much better I can see. Your courses got so much junk out of my mind. I feel empty and full at the same time. What I mean is that I am seeing things as though I have never seen them before and at the same time I understand them. How is this possible, I have no idea but you have opened up a door for me that leads me to infinite possibilities. The artist within me is emerging and growing. I want to say one thing to you and one thing only...You are the best friend I never met.

Greg Becker

Phil Toth

What an absolutely fabulous series of videos. I watched the entire series over the last 3 weeks or so. It’s the best money I have ever spent. Opening up your creative process for me to view was awesome. I learned at a very rapid pace and I can now grasp the proportions of the human figure. Your drawings are amazing. You are a very fine artist as well as a great and patient teacher. Once again, I just wanted to THANK YOU so very much for your Structure of Man series. Its details are above and beyond and I like your very insightful dialog throughout.

Phil Toth
Orland Park, IL

Ramin Tork

I just wanted to let you know that so far the courses have been wonderful and Thank you for putting so much love into creating these Lessons.I also enjoy the extra touches like the tantric musicand the emphasis on character design. I am an IT consultant with a passion for Art and fitting snippets of creativity into my busy day-to-day life by going through these Lessons gives me that little extra dose of pleasure. I have almost finished course 102 and already my approach to drawing has changed.


Ramin Tork.
IT consultant

Adrian Chellew

I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and I'm currently studying animation.

I came across your Structure of Man website by accident while I was browsing the Internet. I only watched one of your sample videos for about a minute or so before I decided to puchase the course collection.

On your concluding video you said you'd probably never know how much your Lessons would help people. Well, I'm e-mailing you to let you know that you have helped me tremendously. I never dreamed that there was such powerful practical art education out there in the world. Because of your Lessons, I have an understanding of the human figure that I've never had before, and I can finally draw the figure with confidence, which means I can reach new heights in art now.

When I went to you website to get your e-mail, I saw you have another course: The Sketchbook of Drawing Techniques. I'll be saving up my cash to buy that course as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for your invaluable art Lessons.

Adrian Chellew

Bartosz Kowalczyk

First of all I have to say I finally managed to buy "Structure of man".I already finished whole 189 Lessons and currently I'm on gesture drawing.Progress is truly amazing, I had no idea that I'm able to improve my drawing skills so much! It's just incredible and I must thank you for those course sets. Without it I would probably be and the same level as I was.


Bartosz Kowalczyk.
Art Student

Travis Wasko

I wanted to say thank you for putting this series together. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now, and I have never been more clear on human anatomy. All of the books that I have on the subject all make sense now, and I pull more from them to continue my education. I will never be able to thank you enough, and I feel as though you are too kind to share this much information with an artist, for so little. It is by far the best artistic investment I have ever made. So, thank you. I would like very much to cultivate a friendship with you, and if I can ever do anything to start to repay my debt to you, please don't hesitate to ask. I hope that all is well with you and your family, and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Travis Wasko

Murray Bernard

Hey, I'm sure a lot of emails come through, but I thought I'd write in and express my thanks. Since I started the structure of man Lessons, my figure drawing has taken a quantum leap forward. I am an animation student and the Lessons have helped me a great deal, althought I'll probably have to re-watch it all again to absorb all of the information. So once again, thanks for putting these together.


Ron Kempke

First of all, I want to thank you for making this valuable information available. I've purchased the set and I'm in the process of studying it. From what I've seen so far, I expect it will keep me occupied for weeks, months, and years to come before I absorb all of it and am able to apply it. Thank you very much for your extraordinary, in-depth instruction. I've been looking for something like it for years without success.

Ron Kempke

Dala Walid

Hi guy. My name is Walid. I'm french and I will enter in Supinfocom school after summer holiday. I've bought the structure of man hd volume set 3 month ago, and it was difficult to me, because of my english level, i didn't understand all what you say the first time , so i repeated the video 2-3 times until i understand your way of thinking, and I really want you to know that what you did is really helpfull for all the artist community, and if you release another course set i'll don't hesitate to buy it, so please, i hope that you will teach us , all the artist community, more things about human drawing or about anything else ( what you want, i know that this will be cool). And sorry for my bad english. I hope you will understand what I've written ( or "wrote" i don't know). Thank you

Dala Walid

Robert Guimond

My name is Robert and i'm 21 years old !!
I'm just taking a minute of my life to thank you for what you have done !! It helped me so much you can't even imagine !! I bought so much book trying to understand why and how the human figure is made but I lost myself in all those pages and bad explanations. I am very satisfied with what you have done ! So much informations for the price of one or two bad anatomy books, this is very generous !! My dream is to make a living drawing comic book, and today I can see my dream coming closer to reality thanks to you.

Robert Guimond

Mike Rhodes

I purchased your Structure of Man HD set and am very pleased with them. I am watching them over and over until I "get" each Lesson. So far, the improvement in my figure drawing has been remarkable. Thank you!

So thanks for these videos and I want you to know they are right by my Andrew Loomis and Burne Hogarth books!

Mike Rhodes

Jim Erskine

My daughter (15) is a huge fan of your course set, and her artwork has just improved by leaps and bounds. She's only on course 102, but improving every day and loving the course. Thanks for the great product.

Jim Erskine

Jim Herron

I wanted to email to thank you for all the work that you've put into your courses. I recently bought the Structure of Man set and I'm more than impressed with how much I've already learned. I'm about 40 Lessons in and I already feel like I'm progressing, and I haven't even learned much about the extremities or the muscular system. I was so impressed by the Structure of Man that I went ahead and ordered The Sketch Book course and I can't wait for it to arrive. Again, I want to thank you personally for all you're amazing work. I really appreciate it. It was money well spent!

Jim Herron

John Riley

I just wanted to say, thank you so much for all you have done, not just for me, but for all the artists you've helped. I've been drawing away all day and I'm just getting into the structure of the head, its going great I'm improving so rapidly and learning things i had no idea existed. You are an amazing teacher Riven, you are helping more than any art instructor I've ever studied with. Once again THANK YOU! Riven!

Thanks Again,
John Riley

Steve Young

I want to thank you for your Lessons on Structure of Man, they where wonderful. I have learnt so much from them. My proportion of the human figure is realistic, and my figures look alive, all down to your advice. Your Lessons have helped me to draw the human form in away I could not learn from copying pictures.

Thank you very much,
Steve Young

Austin Martin

I'm Austin Martin-Game Character Artist from India. Your courses have saved my artistic life. I'm a good artist but there was a huge gap and a missing link (Human Anatomy). Your teachings on anatomy are great and I'm literally speechless WOW!!!. Your class will be an answer to all those who wish to be the best artist in this world. As I study your class every day my brain is calm now and has gained the capacity to create cool characters.

With Regards,
Austin Martin.

David Allebone

First i'd like to thank you for a very quick delivery, eight days i think, I wish i found your courses six months ago i could have saved myself a whole load of money on dvds & books that really didn't do it for me. I've got to Lesson 12, & then cheated by flicking through the rest of the Lessons like flicking through a book. Boy have i got some interesting stuff heading my way. I used to draw quite a lot when i was at school ( which was to many years ago to mention ) I only picked up my pencils again about six months ago, having to give up my other hobby for health reasons. But i really feel that with your helpful Lessons i'm gonna go a long way towards doing the kind of life drawings i'd like to achieve.

Thanks again for some very inspirational discs.

David Allebone

Bret C

I would like to thank you for making these courses. I thought I could never draw a human from memory. I am not even done with the first course and I have learned so much. I have stopped drawing a long time ago. Watching the courses has inspired me. I really am grateful for all the work you have done.

Thank You
Bret C

Scott Sharp

I just got your course and have quickly previewing them and I can't stopwatching them! I have no art training whatsoever but have always wanted todraw and sketch...I sure hope I can do this. I'll probably end up getting your other courses; I wish I would have ordered them both to together the discount. Oh well, if I start getting good I won't hesitate to purchase it separately. Thanks!

Scott Sharp

Gypsy Wulff

I have just completed Lesson 189 of your D.V.D course. It is testimony to your teaching skills and the content of the course that I was able to go through each one and some more than once. Despite all the art books I have bought I just couldn't get the underlying understanding of how to put it all together. After completing the D.V.D's even the art books now make sense to me! I appreciate the enormous amount of time, energy and thought you have put into this course and for making it available at such an economical price. I was initially reluctant to start it in case I was going to be confronted with yet another approach that I couldn't really master but I feel I have gained enormously from the tools and principles you have provided. I can now move onto doing the figures that have caused much frustration in the past with more confidence.

With sincere thanks,
Gypsy Wulff

Reg Springer

Just wanted to say that your course program is INCREDIBLE, and I'm glad that Icould provide a sale. Rarely these days do you get your money's worth foranything -- not so with Structure of Man. You've really put together anexcellent product.

And kudos on your path to mastery.
Reg Springer

Lennart Hubrich

first of all I'd like to thank you for your amazing work that you've done to teach us laymen how to draw the human figure exactly!

Lennart Hubrich

Frank Davis

The course are fantastic! so much information to behold. I thank you for the prompt service. I got them as a gift for my wife and she adores them. it has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will recommend your courses to anyone who wants to learn to draw. they are well worth the money and more.

Thanks again
Frank Davis

Buddy McPeak

I'm at Lesson 41. I have to tell you that this is a wonderful set of videos. I've learned more in these Lessons than I have in all the books, life drawning classes and art classes. My drafting skills of the human form has improved hundred fold. Thanks for a great opportunity.

Buddy McPeak

Mark Barrett

A few months ago I purchased your course series and I must say that I'm seriously impressed and and so happy with the experience and its results. I read that you said it was a "labor of love" and it certainly shows. Thank you. I'm currently a credential student studying to teach English at the high school level. However, I spend time on my own creative writing and I also draw and paint. I've put a halt to all my creative activities so I can focus on mastering the human figure. I think once I master the human figure it will allow me to take my art in an unlimited number of directions. I'm not exactly sure where this journey is going to lead me. What has fascinated me most about your series is the fact that there is a way to trick the brain into mastering something quickly and WITHOUT YEARS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN SCHOOLING. I've already spent tens of thousands on school loans for my BA and MA in Literature and I won't do it for anything else. However, I've felt extremely limited in my options until I accidentally stumbled across one of your videos posted on youtube. It is my dream to be able to create characters for films or games and also somehow combine my creative writing and art in order to bring joy and inspiration to people's lives.

Mark Barrett

Jonathan Masters

I would like to say Thank You for creating and presenting what I consider to be a highly effective teaching method for learning human anatomy. In addition to demonstrating methods and formulas to get the basics down, you also incorporate neat elaborations to demonstrate the potential of creative processes in sketching/drawing. Your approach is clear, articulate, and well organized. Also, the way you incorporate previous Lessons into the more progressively advanced ones is a great strength in your approach. Thanks so much!!!!

Jon M.
Clinical Psychologist
Phoenix, AZ

Dmitri Tikhomirov

Thank you so much for an amazing training course and for making it so affordable. HUman figure is the hardest thing to learn and I can't afford to go to art school. Because of your hard work, my frustration with learning to draw the human figure went close to zero and I'm finally making progress. Thank you once again. And if you release any other products, please let me know - I'll buy them without question (as long as I can afford them) All the best to you,

Dmitri Tikhomirov

Matija Marohnic

I bought your course and I must say that they really impressed me. I gained an enormous amount of knowledge of anatomy, I can't say how thankful I am for that. All the best for you and your colleges, you're the best thing that ever happened to drawing. Rock on!

Matija Marohnic

Fr Theodore

My name is Fr Theodore, I have recently purchased the entire collection and wanted to complement you on such a fantastic Lesson on drawing I have learnt so much in so little time. I have always wanted to draw but was never encouraged and desisted from pursuing art but then decided to take drawing up in later years (much later). However I thought that I might not be able to achieve this goal due to my age but persisted and produced some drawings but on a amateur level (I am still one). Your Lessons have helped me achieve better proportions in my art work even though I yet have a lot to learn and to complete the rest of the Lessons. I have gone a long way and just wanted to thank you, I am now achieving what I always dreamt of doing since I was a young child (I am 31 years of age at the moment I wanted to draw ever since I was 10 years of age).

Fr Theodore


My name is Rob and I would just like to sincerely thank you for your most excellent courses and the effort you put into making them!!!. I have always struggled to draw the human figure, the head and face in particular, but thanks to you I am on my way to solving that problem!!! As I have never been able to afford any sort of formal training I have had to try and make do with learning what I could from books and whatever I could find on the internet. But I wasn’t making any real headway until I came across your AD at comicartcommunity.com. Your Lessons blew my mind! Everything that had seemed so complicated was actually so simple! I no longer feel frustrated while I draw! I enjoy it now more than ever! You’ve taken something I only did to pass the time and turned it into my favourite hobby!!! It’s all I want to do! Your courses were worth every penny, more than actually!! (and with the Dollar/Rand exchange rate that’s saying a lot! Heh heh) All I really want to say is THANK YOU! Keep up the good work and I await any other products you may decide to launch in the future with eager anticipation!!!

Cape Town
South Africa

April Solomon

I purchased your collection of drawing the human figure disks about 2 months ago. I’m writing to personally thank you for the incredible amount of time and dedication that it took to put these disks together. For years I’ve studied the anatomy over and over and over. Drawing the figure more times then I can remember. Since I’ve watched the disks my understanding of the human form has improved dramatically because I now have concrete formulas to guide me through when I draw the figure from my mind.
One of my life long goals as an artist has been to know the entire muscle structure and bones structure by heart. Your Lessons are making this dream become a reality.
Riven, words well never express how grateful and appreciative I am for these Lessons. You’ve helped in ways that I couldn't do for myself. Thank you Riven Pheonix.

-April Solomon

Sunaj Ibrahimi

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for what you have done making this course, you have no idea how much it helps me. You make it so easy to learn for me at a very fast pace. Through every Lesson I learn something new and very valuable.

- Sunaj Ibrahimi

Philip Gordon

Hey Riven, Absolutely wicked :) I've learnt more about drawing the human figure in the first few Lessons than I did in a year at University studying character animation and life drawing in one of the best art collages in the UK, Central St. Martins Industrial collage of art and design!!!! Well done :) And many thanks.

-Philip Gordon
3D animator and illustrator

Cecely Valderrama

My name is Cecely, and I've just finished the first 189 Lessons of your course series and I wanted to say Thank You So Much for taking the time to put all of that knowledge out there. I have always drawn and loved art. I didn't know there was a difference in the skills you learn between a state university's art department and a proper art school--until it was time for me to graduate. I found that, though I had gotten a lot of studio time in, most of what I had learned had not been what I needed to learn. My husband found your course series for me, and I'm so glad he did. I feel much more confident in my knowledge of the figure, and with practice I know I'll fulfill my goal of starting my own freelance illustration/concept art business and eventually working with a team of artists on video games and movies. I look forward to watching your Lessons on character design. Thank you for your beautiful wishes and encouragement at the end of Lesson 189.

Bless you for putting in so much time to help aspiring artists.

Take Care, and happy drawing

-Cecely Valderrama

Manny F

I purchased your courses with the intention of learning to obtain a better understanding of the human anatomy. I did not realize that your Lessons would not only change my perception of the human body, but of the world around me. Thank you for everything you have done. I aspire to be an illustrator, and with your help I feel much closer to realizing my dream. You are an excellent teacher, and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do. Thanks for everything.

- Manny F

Valarie Roach

Thank you so much! These have been so helpful in furthering my understanding of artistic anatomy and helping me with my problem areas. It is also helping me remember more of what I learned back in nursing school and applying it at work. I read about your Lessons on DeviantArt.com where I am a member and decided to take a shot with your programs. I have been VERY pleased and I am only through the second disk. I even went ahead and just ordered the separate disk Sketch book. With all of my reference books, believe me I have MANY, I have not been able to repeatedly and quickly reproduce what you have shown me in your program. I now carry a small sketch book with me while I am in the hospital working so that I can practice drawing.

Again, thank you for your obvious hard work and your style of teaching.

- Valarie Roach, BSN, RN and Part time artist.

Nicola Milton

I 'm an art student in the UK and I have been working through your course set which I bought last year side by side with Glen Vilppu's stuff and not only has my figure drawing has improved significantly but also the way I approach drawing and general drawing skills as well. I can get down my ideas so much better now and it has also improved my 3D work as well. They are invaluable. I just wanted personally email and to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into making these courses it must have taken so long. These courses are most appreciated and I'll definitely be recommending friends to come to your site and buy their own

Once again, thanks a million :-)

-Nicola Milton

Jamie Linfoot

Hi. My name is Jamie Linfoot. I bought and started working on the structure of man in early January of this year. As of last night I have completed the 189 basic structure Lessons and I would just like to let you know what an amazing asset this information is to me. I have never been an artist, although I've always wanted to be, and even though I still have a lot of work to do, I am finally able to put a basic outline of my ideas onto paper and even in some places, refine them a little. Thank you so much. Recently I've been attending an animation course and I am fast convincing the tutor that your course should be part of his future curriculum. I look forward to completing the course in full within the next few weeks.


-Jamie Linfoot

Matous Havranek

I would like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Matous Havranek and I come from Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. I found your drawing course "The Structure of Man" on the internet at the beginning of this year and ordered it immediately. I passed whole course including your latest stage - Sketchbook. I must say the whole course is fantastic. It saved me enormous amount of time of learning and searching. I must say you are very gifted for both anatomy drawing and teaching drawing. I especially appreciate the way and philosophy you teach. People who know do not need to show up and you are one of them, I feel. To make long story short, Thank you for your Lessons that shortened my drawing-learning curve by (light) years.

Very best regards

-Matous Havranek

Tamera Tabor

I don't know if you will really get this e-mail, but I wanted to write and sincerely thank you for the Lessons that I purchased from you. I'm sure you hear it allot but you are a fantastic artist and a good teacher, even by proxy :D So thank you again, my drawing has improved and I am only on Lesson 10! I am taking them slowly and repeating them to make sure I get the basics. Thanks for this. Warm regards.

-Tamera Tabor

Jack Chen

I really want to say thank you for your Lessons. I am a 3d Animator. I learned figure drawing from a teacher in Taiwan for the past year. He is really good though. I was struggle by the human body's line of action and the flow of body. But when I followed your step and practice the class till Lesson 66 Suddenly I understand and can really see the line of human body structure. And now I can't believe how fast I can draw a human body with more dynamic pose. I found the reason I can't draw a better human structure before is because I never learned human drawing with this kind of precise way.
I just want to thank you , your class is rock !!

ps, I also graduated from SVA ( computor art )

-Jack Chen

James Duvall

I would like to thank you for the course you created I purchased about a year and ago and just recently completed all of them. It has helped me 50 fold for trying to create characters from thought. For years I tried to draw a human figure from my thoughts alone and never could, until I bought your course set. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, for this knowledge you given me. You sir are a master.

-James Duvall

Ken Leach

I just wanted to write to say thanks for making such great Lessons available at a price affordable for those of us that love art but just can't afford going back to school. I'm just finishing up the last of the skeleton videos and have surprised myself looking at the progress in my sketchpad already. I look forward to doing these Lessons every night. I hope in the future you will release more series like this one on other topics like landscapes or clothing, etc. You can count on at least one guaranteed sale. Thanks again, and I'll be keeping my eye out for future releases. Summary: by far THE BEST value in art Lessons available on video, period.

-Ken Leach


At first I wanted to say thanks!!! The structure of man was really great. It did greatly improve my skills in a very fast pace, and the learning process was fun as hell. I am also learning the structure of the color at the moment, great approaches!