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Proven 3-Step System for learning human figure drawing in 77 hours

I want you to try the first 19 lessons for free where I will teach you not only the hidden secret proportions of the human figure but also how to draw the human skull from memory. I guarantee that after you watch these first 19 of 225 lessons that you will be blown away by the power of your own artistic mind. You will for the first time truly feel you can accomplish your dreams of becoming a successful artist.

Why does my 3-Step System for Figure Drawing work for so many artists?

My 3-Step System for figure drawing is a proven method that took me 20+ years to develop working with art students all over the world. What I learned in my research is that we all learn quickly in small bursts when we understand complex structures in a cognitive way where in the mind we see the idea as its own creation, its own invention. We use the lost teaching methods of renaissance artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo to force the mind to learn rapidly. Try the first 19 lessons to fully understand this method. I encourage you to read the customers testimonials and see for yourself how this course has changed many lives.

How much money will you save with my 3-Step System for Figure Drawing?

This training course will save you $100's of thousands of dollars in education costs. It takes an average artist four years or more of college just to learn how to draw the human figure, and that is only if colleges even teach figure drawing which today most do not. This course will teach you how to draw the human figure from memory in 77 hours using my 3-Step System for Figure Drawing for $45. You will not find on this earth a figure drawing course priced this low that spans 77 hours and contains 20+ years of figure drawing knowledge with a proven track record. I kept the price low because I know how hard it is for artists to make ends meet.

How much time will you save?

By using my 3-Step System for Figure Drawing you will save 1000's of hours in trying to figure out God's most complex creation, the 'human figure'. The reason for this all has to do with how my 3-Step System for figure drawing works. We first learn how to draw the skeleton structure from memory in a step-by-step method. I hold your hand at every step. We then learn how to wrap the muscles of the human figure using the powerful mannequin system step-by-step muscle by muscle. The mannequin system will give you the ability to draw 3d figures in deep space on paper. Then third or lastly we put everything that you learned together and draw professional figure poses fully rendered in pencil.

77 Hours, 225 Lessons, $45