Blender 2.7x Character Modeling For Beginners HD

You Can Learn 3D Human Figure Rigging In Blender Today!

Amazing Step-by-Step Easy To Follow Formula Based System

Blender Character Rigging For Beginners HD is a series by Riven Phoenix that takes the art student through a step-by-step process in rigging a high-quality 3D human character from scratch using blender's powerful rigging features.

This course is considered volume two of "Blender 2.7x Character Modeling for Beginners HD" Course where you learned to model a realistic 3D human figure from scratch without any reference using a formula based system.

You, however, will get to download the 3D character to use in this course as a starting point or simply use the character you already built using volume one or use your own blender character model.

The art student will start by placing the required bones onto a realistic 3D human figure model and learn at the same time how to develop it into an advance rigging system.

You will do this by learning in detail how blender's bones and rigging systems work. Riven Phoenix will explain in detail many aspects of rigging step-by-step and show the student how to understand and build an advance knowledge of blender's internal rigging system for 3D human character motion.

Students will with this course become very intimate with blender's complex rigging system which they can apply to any 3D character.

This course is designed to teach art students how to use blender's rigging system from the ground up and become more confident with it to develop their own rigging systems from scratch.

Each step is explained clearly so the student can follow along with ease.

Blender's rigging system is a very complex subject to understand so Riven Phoenix will explain in detail how to understand and use the rigging system for students who are completely new to this subject. Great care has been taken to explain in detail this complex subject matter.

What you'll learn

You will learn how to rig a 3D human character in Blender for animations and video games

You will understand how bones in blender work for rigging in detail

You will understand blender coordinate systems

You will understand Axis Angle, Euler Angles and Quaternion Rotations

You will learn how to use Blender software and become proficient with its rigging features

You will learn how to work with bones using world, local, pose and local with parent space

You will understand how to use all blender weight tools


You should be able to use a PC which can run Blender 2.78 or above

You should know how to download Blender and unzip files

Who this course is for:

Artists who want to learn how to create their own 3D human characters in Blender

Game Developers who want to learn 3D human character modeling in Blender

Complete beginner artists who are willing to push themselves to learn 3D modeling

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Blender 2.7x Character Rigging For Beginners HD

"this course is too good to be described by anyone ... everything is explained ... and thank you for this curse ... step by step from zero ....THANK YOU !!"

- Artist jessica

Blender 2.7x Character Rigging For Beginners HD

"This is one of best rigging's blender course i've ever seen... It's long, it's true... but when you complete this course you are able to have a full vision of blender specs and features of that software. For me it's highly raccomand course, without any doubt!"

- Riccardo Mascarella

Blender 2.7x Character Rigging For Beginners HD

"Amazingly in-depth course--the instructor is incredibly well-prepared and goes into every aspect of Blender's rigging system in microscopic detail. This and his figure course are indispnesable for learning how to create a humanoid animated character in Blender"

- James G McNeill

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